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A Crown Of Snow And Ice PDF Free Download

NicePNG is a large collection of hd transparent PNG & cliparts images for free download. PNG images with no backgrounds are high quality and can be in non-commercial or commercial use, free unlimited download. A Crown of Snow and Ice is a fun book for fans of the Four Kingdoms and Beyond the Four Kingdoms series because it shows how much Celine has matured as a character from when she was younger. It doesn't offer much of a twist on the original 'Snow Queen,' but you can always read Crown of Ice if that's what you're looking for.

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An unexpected gift from her godmother will give Celine enough fire to take on an entire kingdom of snow and ice. But first she needs to melt one frozen prince.

Rumors have long swirled about the strange kingdom of Eldon. The only thing more frozen than its mountains are the inhabitants themselves. But Princess Celine has never backed away from a challenge, so she eagerly accepts an invitation to visit.

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Yet the situation in Eldon is even worse than Celine feared. And if the kingdom is to have any hope of freedom or a future, she’s going to have to call on new skills and new allies—including the crown prince, Oliver. But against an enemy stronger and colder than ice, all her fire may not be enough.

In this reimagining of the classic fairy tale, The Snow Queen, one princess is ready to burn down everything in her path to save those she loves and their kingdom with them.


A Crown Of Snow And Ice PDF Free Download

Not only was this the first Snow Queen retelling I’ve ever read, it was also my very first Melanie Cellier book. I’ve seen her books quite a bit around the world of fairytale literature, but I didn’t have a chance to jump into her work until now. And from this one book, I’ll tell you — I’m impressed, and I want more.

Eldon has always been a slightly mysterious kingdom. Something isn’t quite right with the royal family, the kingdom itself seems to be stuck in snow, and no one can give any satisfying answers. So, when an invitation comes, Celine jumps at the chance to visit. She’s curious, and this sort of personal investigation is bound to produce the answers she’s looking for.

It doesn’t take long after she arrives, however, before she’s kidnapped. With both of Eldon’s royal princesses in tow. While she’s furious at the outcome and begins to plot an escape, she’s more annoyed with Eldon’s princesses, who — despite being in a precarious and dangerous kidnapping situation — don’t seem to have enough life in them to care about anything, let alone trying to escape.

Celine is not your typical princess. She’s headstrong, passionate, used to giving commands, used to being underestimated (and consequently, used to enjoying the advantages that comes with that mindset), and really doesn’t like cold. So, being stuck in a kingdom full of ice and snow isn’t exactly her cup of tea — but the mysteries surrounding the royal family, the kingdom’s people, and the land itself quickly occupy her every thought. And she won’t rest until she gets to the bottom of things.

Celine herself was a flawed character that I really enjoyed following. Her tendency to act quickly and recklessly was constantly getting her into trouble, but she was so real because of it. On top of all the icy mysteries around Eldon, Celine is also trying to figure out her new gift from a godmother. She doesn’t know how to control it, but suddenly hot winds are shooting from her palms and fire appears at her fingertips. In a land of snow and ice, fire is a welcome comfort, but Celine may burn down something before she learns how to keep herself warm.

In quite a few reviews of this book that I’ve read, a lot of people have complained about Prince Oliver. Can I say that I actually liked him? He’s not quite the dashing hero that most fairytales create at impossible standards, but he’s pretty down-to-earth. Because he’s the crown prince, he knows his first duty is to his kingdom. Every choice he makes comes from there. He won’t hesitate to sacrifice himself and his own desires to do what’s best for his people. Yeah, he’s a bit lackluster at times, but he’s passionate in his own quiet way about what he loves. And in that way, makes a perfect balance for Celine’s hot and reckless passion.

Their romance. I have to talk about this for a moment. It is definitely a fairytale romance with quite a few kisses, but I really appreciate that it was more than just physical attraction. In fact, there was very little of the physical mushiness that normally accompanies tales like this. Celine wears a low-backed dress to garner attention in one scene, and Oliver calls her beautiful. And then Oliver is described maybe once or twice as being fair/handsome and having a muscled chest. And that’s it. No lusting, no mush, no swoony thoughts. It was so nice. Instead, they fell in love with each other’s passion and character and goals. And Cellier really showed that. Two thumbs up in my book.

As for the other characters — Sterling was so complicated. WOW. And Giselle was a lot of fun. I loved having her there. Even Cassandra was epic in her little bit of page-time.

The story is pretty well-paced and exciting. There were times that I thought the writing style got a little on the preachy-soliloquy side, as Celine was learning and developing as a character, but thankfully, it wasn’t too much to swallow.

I’m very torn in what I think of the Snow Queen herself. I found her at first to be more of a flat character, but then I think that’s what she’s supposed to be. With a heart of ice, how dynamic can you expect a villain to be? She has her own plans and goals, but she lacks the driving passion that keeps Celine moving forward. The queen’s cold is a nice foil to Celine’s heat; I mean, c’mon. To me, though, she just doesn’t make an epic villain. She’s almost boring. But, in a way, she’s supposed to be like that. She’s frozen herself so that she can’t feel anything but the cold. She’s driven every emotion out of her life with her own ice. Even in her climatic scene against Celine, you see that. The Snow Queen is capable of anger, but even that takes time to build up. It’s just… after such an epic quest to find her, I was hoping for a more epic climax than the one we got.

I will say, however — comparing this climax to the one in the original fairytale… it’s much more epic because Gerda never actually faces the Snow Queen. So, there is that.

Original Fairy Tale Elements

When I first began reading this, I was thinking, How in the world will this all parallel the story of the Snow Queen? I mean, there’s no kidnapping in the original fairytale. HOWEVER, if you keep your hat on and stick to the story, it quickly jumps into Snow Queen until you’re up to your neck in the frozen stuff. We’ve got the epic quest, the snow, even the Snow Queen’s advance guard — which I thought was a nice touch.

The Snow Queen is definitely one of the longer fairytales, and so there is quite a bit that Cellier left out — particularly most of Gerda’s adventure/quest/journey. Celine does travel through the snow, but she doesn’t encounter all the different people Gerda met along the road.

The mirror is a big part of the story, however. I really liked how Cellier incorporated that.

Content Caution

Obviously, romance, as I’ve mentioned before, so be prepared for quite a few kisses. However, it’s squeaky clean.

Fantasy violence and magic. Celine and her companions encounter quite a few dangerous predicaments, including cave-ins, blizzards, snow leopards, iceflakes, etc. I did think it was all very well-balanced for the tone of the novel. Celine possesses magic of sorts with her firepower, but it is clearly fantasy magic since it is a gift from her godmother. The Snow Queen, too, possesses powers (those of ice and snow), and her talents are also clearly those of a fairytale as her power mainly comes from godmother gifts that she’s stolen and altered from their original purposes.

Really, I can’t think of anything else to put as a content caution. Overall, this book was very clean and an enjoyable read. I rather think my ten-year-old sister would enjoy it muchly.


A Crown Of Snow And Ice Pdf Free Download Windows 10

The Snow Queen is a long, complicated fairytale that is not easy to retell. But Melanie Cellier has accomplished an epic story that really does justice to the original fairytale. This book is chock full of snow and humor and snow and adventure and snow and ice and snow and romance and snow and… did I mention snow? I would definitely recommend reading this with a steaming cup of hot cocoa at your side. You’re gonna need it.

A Crown Of Snow And Ice Pdf Free Download Free

This book is #3 in Cellier’s Beyond the Four Kingdoms series, which is a sequel series to her Four Kingdoms series. They are all fairytale retellings and mostly standalone, but with interconnected worlds and characters. This book I was able to read without reading any of the others and I thought it stood well on its own. There were quite a few references to plots and characters in other books (particularly the Princess Tourney) that I didn’t understand, and they all did nothing except whet my appetite for the rest of the series. You can read this book on its own if you want a delicious Snow Queen adventure, but I’m kinda wishing I’d read all of Cellier’s books in order now.