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Angel Eyes PDF Free Download

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  • “Angel Eyes” was written by Matt Dennis in 1941. The lyrics were written by Earl Brent. This tune was first featured in the 1953 film “Jennifer”, and has become a popular jazz standard. This tune is most commonly played as a ballad or at a medium tempo. Be sure to check out a variety of.

Through woods of symbols, dark and dense, Which gaze at him with fond familiar eyes. Like distant echoes blent in the beyond In unity, in a deep darksome way, Vast as black night and vast as splendent day, Perfumes and sounds and colors correspond. From “Correspondences,” Charles Baudelaire. Oct 28, 2018 - Print and download I Have A Dream - ABBAfree piano sheet music PDF.

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Angel Eyes PDF Free Download

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PDF“Angel Eyes” can be found on a number of Ella Fitzgerald CDs. Her earliest recording of the song is with Sy Oliver and His Orchestra from June 26, 1952, and is included on 75th Birthday CelebrationPdf (1993) and The Last Decca Years 1949-1954 (1999). A July 24, 1957, recording is on First Lady of Song

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(1993) and Ultimate Ella (1997). The song also appears in a live concert from April 25, 1958, Ella in Rome

Angel Eyes Pdf Free Download Pdf

(1988), and circa 1960, The Intimate Ella (1990). The latter CD contains duets with pianist Paul Smith, which were originally released as Songs from Let No Man Write My Epitaph, although not all of the tracks are in the film.

Fitzgerald often cited “Angel Eyes” as one of her favorite songs, and Chris Connor claims that Ella personally told her that it was her all-time favorite. Carol Sloane, on the other hand, claims Fitzgerald’s favorite was “I Want Something to Live For.” Fitzgerald delivers equally heartfelt performances of both these songs on the DVD American Masters: Ella Fitzgerald Something to Live For (1999). A New York Times article notes, “Because both songs are sad, they hint at feelings that Fitzgerald kept mostly to herself, since she infused everything she performed with a sense of joy and almost heavenly confidence.”

Angel Eyes Pdf Free Download Free

One early performer of “Angel Eyes” that Matt Dennis did not mention was himself. The first film to include his rendition was Jennifer (1953). The Bradshaw sheet music associated with the film has Nat “King” Cole on the cover, but notes inside say, “As sung by Matt Dennis in the picture Jennifer starring Ida Lupino & Howard Duff.”

Today Frank Sinatra is more closely associated with “Angel Eyes” than any of the aforementioned performers. He recorded the song a number of times, most notably on the album he has referred to as his favorite, (1958). His rendition is interesting in that he begins not at the chorus, but the refrain, “Hey drink up all you people...” In 1971, Sinatra gave his first in a series of farewell concerts, choosing “Angel Eyes” for his last song and “Excuse me while I disappear” for his last line.

Angel Eyes Pdf

“Angel Eyes” is often called “intimate,” “personal,” “lonely,” “weepy,” “bluesy,” “a torch song,” or “a saloon song,” the latter being a category that also contains “One for My Baby (and One More for the Road),” and “In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning.” - JW

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Earl Brent’s lyrics describe a patron in a bar or lounge, lamenting the absence of “Angel Eyes, that old devil sent.” Brent’s choice for the hook and title, “Angel Eyes,” has been used as a popular song title many times before and since the Dennis/Brent ballad, including a 1910 hit by Elida Morris and Billy Murray and a 1989 hit by the Jeff Healey Band.