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Avenger weed killer concentrate is a great solution for those looking for environmentally safe herbicides. It is a non-selective and post emergence herbicide that is made from oranges and lemons to kill grasses, weeds, and broadleaves. The Avengers began as a group of extraordinary individuals who were assembled to defeat Loki and his Chitauri army in New York City. Since then, the team has expanded its roster and faced a host of new threats, while dealing with their own turmoil.

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(ə-vĕnj′)tr.v.a·venged, a·veng·ing, a·veng·es
1. To inflict a punishment or penalty in return for; revenge: avenge a murder.
2. To take vengeance on behalf of: avenged their wronged parents.
[Middle English avengen, from Old French avengier : a-, to (from Latin ad-; see ad-) + vengier, to vindicate (from Latin vindicāre, to claim; see vindicate).]
a·veng′ing·ly adv.
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Noun1.avenger - someone who takes vengeance
aggressor, assailant, assaulter, attacker - someone who attacks
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Avenger' S Heat Pdf Free Download Free


[əˈvendʒər]nvengeur/geresse m/f
the masked avenger → le vengeurmasqué
an avenger of wrongs → un redresseur de torts
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(əˈvendʒ) verb
to take revenge for a wrong on behalf of someone else. He avenged his brother / his brother's death. wreek يَأخُذ بِثأر отмъщавам vingar (po)mstít (se) rächen hævne εκδικούμαιvengar kätte maksma انتقام کسی را گرفتن kostaa venger לִנְקוֹם बदला लेना osvetiti megbosszul menuntut bela, membalas dendam hefna vendicare 仕返しをする 복수를 하다 (at)keršyti (už) atriebt menuntut bela wrekenhevnepomścić د یو چاء انتقام یا بدله اخیستل vingar a răzbuna мстить pomstiť maščevati osvetiti (se) hämnas แก้แค้น öcünü almak 替...報仇 мстити(ся) بدلہ لینا ،انتقام لینا báo thù 替...报仇

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wraak المُنتَقِم، الآخِذ بِالثأر отмъстител vingador mstitel der/die Rächer(in) hævner εκδικητής, τιμωρος vengador kättemaksja انتقام گیر kostaja vengeur, geresse נוֹקֶם प्रतिशोधी osvetiti se megtorló penuntut bela, penuntut balas hefnandi, hefndarmaður vendicatore 復しゅう者 복수자 keršytojas atriebējs penuntut bela wreker hevner mściciel انتقام اخیستونکی vingador răzbunător мститель pomstiteľ, -ka maščevalec osvetnik hämnare ผู้ล้างแค้น intikam alan 復仇者 месник مدلہ لینے والا ، منتقم người báo thù 复仇者
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Next-Generation Multi-Mission ISR

As with Predator® B, Predator C Avenger® was developed through the foresight and internal funding of GA-ASI. Its unique design and speed increases its survivability in higher threat environments and provides customers with an expanded quick-response armed reconnaissance capability. The first flight of Predator C occurred in April 2009. The current production version has an increased wingspan of 76 feet with additional fuel capacity resulting in an endurance increase to over 20 hours. The Avenger ER (Extended Range) first flew in October 2016 and completed an expanded flight test program in 2017.


The high-speed, multi-mission Avenger ER is a long-endurance, medium-to-high-altitude Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) system that can perform wide-area surveillance, time-sensitive strike missions over land or sea, and a host of other challenging military or civilian missions. The aircraft has much higher operational and transit speeds than current Predator B-series aircraft, resulting in quick response and rapid repositioning for improved mission flexibility and survivability.

Avenger is a highly advanced, next-generation RPA. The jet-powered aircraft is equipped with a commercial Pratt & Whitney turbofan engine capable of producing over 5,000 pounds of thrust, resulting in a runway length requirement of under 5,000 feet. The engine is designed for greater fuel economy and features class-leading fuel consumption components. Avenger can operate at speeds up to 400 KTAS, at an altitude of over 50,000 feet, and 20+ hours of endurance. Its significant wing hard point payload mounting capacity enables it to carry multiple sensors, while its internal weapons bay can house 3,000 pounds of precision munitions or larger sensor payloads.

The Avenger ER employs the same materials and avionics as Predator B and is likewise controlled from the same fully-interoperable GA-ASI Ground Control Stations (GCS) used for operating Predator-series aircraft. Avenger's low operating cost combined with high-altitude persistence make it an ideal platform to augment existing Low Density High Demand (LDHD) aircraft with long range RADAR, Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), communication relay payloads or weapons. In a contested environment the Avenger platform can penetrate Weapon Engagement Zones (WEZ) of adversary Surface-to-Air Missile Systems (SAMs) without risking human life, or fly with long range sensors outside of the WEZ of even the longest range, strategic SAMs.

Perform high-speed, long-endurance, more covert multi-mission Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and precision strike missions over land or sea.
Wing Span:66 ft (20m)
Length:44 ft (13m)
Powerplant:Pratt & Whitney PW545B turbofan
Max Gross Takeoff Weight:18,200 lb (8255 kg)
Fuel Capacity:7,900 lb (3583 kg)
Payload Capacity:3,500 lb int. (1588 kg)
6,500 lb Total (2948 kg)
Weapons:Hellfire missiles
GBU-12/49, GBU-31
GBU-39, GBU-16/48
Lynx Multi-mode Radar
Communications relay
Power:20 kW (redundant)
Max Altitude:>50,000 ft (>15240 m)
Max Endurance:20 hr
Max Air Speed:400 KTAS
Standard Dash:350 KTAS
  • Jet performance and reliability
  • Internal stores carriage
  • Multiple payload capacity
  • Triple-redundant avionics
  • Dual-redundant flight controls
  • Six external hard points
  • Compatible with all GA-ASI GCSs
  • C-5/C-17 transportable (or self-deploy)