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Charlie And The Chocolate Factory PDF Free Download

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Pdf

  1. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Pdf Free Download
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About the book:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Author: Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake

Here is  a set of questions and classroom activities based on the book 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' by  Roald Dahl. 4 Genera l effe cts of t raw li ng on be nth ic systems 1 30. 9 Human impac ts on soft -sediment systems— pollution 1 33. 1 Effe cts of i nc reas ed orga n ic matter on num bers a nd biomas s 1 33. 9.2 Effe cts of orga n ic en ric h ment on diversity 1 34. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl in DJVU, DOC, FB3 download e-book. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is best children book. The book Author Roald Dahl, The book Published by Alfred A. Publication 17 January 1964.

Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf, Inc


Publish date: 1964

ISBN: 0142410314

ISBN-13: 9780142410318

Pages: 155

Language: English


Charlie and the chocolate factory is a fantasy based children’s book of 1964. It became famous and was published UK and US and was filmed two times, once with the title of ” Willy wonka and the chocolate factory” in 1971 and was filmed again in 2005 with the title “Charlie and the chocolate factory ; like this story , the film also exceeded expectations of success. Originally illustrated by Joseph shindelman in the US and also by faith jaques in UK. The upcoming book after this book was ” Charlie and the great glass elevator “, Roal had plans for another sequel for the series but unfortunately never got the chance to do so.

This chocolate attributed story is so grasping that one cannot stop without reading it wholly. This book really carries a big part of our writers nostalgia, his affection for the past was so strong that he made a book out of it. In the early times of the “cadbury”, it had a competitor “round tree”. Both companies were obsessed with stealing each other’s secrets , so became highly protective to their recipe. Both of them hence send scrumptious chocolates to Raold’s school and to his classroom, just to get the children’s sweet opinion about the chocolates.

It lies on the adventure of a little poor boy ” Charlie bucket” inside the legendary chocolate factory of willy wonka, which he never thought he would see. Charlie belonged to a very poor family, which was having a very hard time because his father had lost his job. The house was very confined and broken ; they were facing a more crucial time in the winter because the house was also in a pity state. His family consisted of his four grandparents from both sides , his mother and father. The old entities had a barren existence. But they were all happy because they were together and loved each other. Charlie’s grandpa narrated him stories of the famous chocolate factory in their town and that he had worked in it until the factory had gone shut because someone stole their recipes. Due to this treachery , willy wonka ( company owner ) asked all the workers to leave and closed the doors of the factory to the world.

After many years the factory is mysteriously serving again its scrumptious and splendid chocolates. But more mysteriously it has new recipes and no one is ever seen leaving or entering the factory except for the containers consisting of adored sweets.

Many days later willy wonka announces a tour to his factory but the tour would only be availed to the ones who find the golden tickets inside chocolate bars ; distributed anonymously throughout the world. The amount of thr golden tickets would be five and there would be five licky winners for the tour. Actually willy realizes the futility of his lifetime work without a heir, the basic aim of wonka was to find a heir to his factory, for this purpose he wanted an adolescent who has the quality to the bear the the work of the factory.

The golden ticket is found by Charlie, and some other adolescents , a fat kid , a violence lover gaming player, a rich kid and a Chewing gum champion with a lot of egoism.

The story goes on as they go to the factory and find it quite extraordinary, a factory but at the same time everything else. The first and most mysterious thing they are introduced to is the ” oompa loompas” from the loompa land who have been helping willy with his work. After that a child gets sucked up by a pipe because of jumping in a stream of chocolate, one turns into a blueberry , one gets shrunk and so on. The book is a deal with the fun , read it and enjoy it. You will find it most intriguing.

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Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Pdf Free Download

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Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Pdf Free Download Version

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