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The Darkest Fire is a short prequel to the Lords of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter. This story is a short paranormal romance between Geryon and Kadence. Geryon is the guardian to the gates of hell. Centuries ago, Geryon sold his soul to Lucifer in exchange for his wife’s life and her love. Free download or read online Lords of the Underworld Bundle: The Darkest Fire / The Darkest Night / The Darkest Kiss / The Darkest Pleasure (Lords of the Underworld, #0.5-3) pdf (ePUB) book. The first edition of the novel was published in July 1st 2008, and was written by Gena Showalter. The book was published in multiple languages including English, consists of 1181 pages and is available in. The Darkest Fire CHAPTER TWO. Whatever you desire shall be yours, she had said. If only, Geryon thought. He would ask for a single taste of her lips. But he would not risk the suffering of the innocent - why do you bother with them? - simply to sate his craving for the lovely goddess. The question that had drifted through his mind had him.

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Author's Note: Seriously guys? You have no idea how fucking much I love you right now. I was originally going to wait until tomorrow to post this but I'll give you this right now. Also, be sure to check out Chapter 1 again because I did go through and fix some of the things that were wrong.

I feel like I need to clarify this though. The whole love triangle thing... that will start to show through as the timeline (Hah, timeline? What timeline?! There is no timeline! The essence of time is null and fucking void in this story! *insane cackle*) progresses. And as per popular demand, I did add the Varia into the equation... I hope that it doesn't seem rushed. Please let me know if it does and I'll go back and redo it. Like I said before, this story isn't exactly planned out so I don't really know how it's going to turn out.


It had been publicized that the Varia's betrayal—both the Cradle and the Ring Conflicts—were staged. They both had been planned by Federico in order to make the new heir adapt. Xanxus, being the loyal dog he was, did as he was told and even accepted the consequences that came with it. He had protected his Guardians from the downfall of his actions and by doing so, proved that if it needed to be, he was more than capable of succeeding the mark of Vongola.

But he had no intentions of doing so.

According to Xanxus, Sawada Tsunayoshi was more than capable enough if the reports Reborn sent in were anything to go by. He was one of the few people who was actually able to read those reports without question much to one Sawada Iemitsu's dismay.

But that wasn't what had bothered him.

What had bothered him was that even though Federico's plan had gone through flawlessly, his brother was still dead. Sure, Enrico and Massimo had been his brothers too but he hadn't been as close with them as he had been with Federico—actually, if he was honest about it, he hated both of their guts.

So when those Russian sonuvabitches publicized that it was them who killed Federico, Xanxus of course leapt at the opportunity to get his revenge. Zarkov was relatively small—albeit well known for being a group of mercenaries that slaughtered mindlessly but he could take them.

Or so he thought.

Six days previously, he went to Zarkov's base with the Varia's top brass flanking him. The six of them went in… and only five left.

During the chaos, Xanxus had been separated from his brooding bunch of feral assassins. Squalo was the only one who noticed him cornering the leader on the balcony. The two fought and were evenly matched—Xanxus had been injured by a stray shot which limited his mobility and Alfred Zarkov wasn't known for having the highest stamina.

Just as Squalo was about to assist him in delivering the final blow, Xanxus and Zarkov had been pushed over the edge by one of Zarkov's own men—a betrayal at the worst of times. Squalo had killed him instantly but by the time he got to the edge, Alfred was collapsed on the side of the river bleeding out from a stomach wound… and Xanxus was nowhere to be found.

When the Varia returned to the Vongola HQ with one short, the Ninth had looked like he just took a bullet to the gut—that flash of pain through his eyes, the knowledge that Xanxus might not be alive... Squalo knew hopelessness when he saw it.


Then came the bombshell. Alfred Zarkov was still alive and pumping his bullshit through the Mafia world—Xanxus had been defeated by his hand. The almighty Varia had fallen.

But it hadn't.

Maybe that's why Squalo found himself pacing outside of the Don's personal conference room. Maybe it was because he was hoping for some sort of sign—a sign that his Sky was still alive.

But when he opened the door, he got what he least expected.

Gokudera Hayato in all his glory was leaning against the desk with tense shoulders, narrowed aqua eyes and shadowed by a scowling Yamamoto Takeshi—a rare sight in its own. Hibari Kyoya was leaning in the window and Sasagawa Ryohei was sitting with intertwined fingers and a concentrated frown on his face. Chrome was sitting next to him with flittering glances at Ken and Chikusa who stood behind her with identical looks of solemnity.

The room was tense and when Squalo stepped in, he had to resist the urge to go on the defensive. Bel, Lussuria, Mammon and Levi were also tense behind him but he ignored them for the sake of observing the situation at hand. 'Reborn,' Mammon said evenly. 'I didn't expect to see you on Italian soil before the coronation.'

Reborn's eyes flashed dangerously, the muscles in his neck taut. 'Nor did I,' He greeted though his voice was as sharp as steel and icy cold.

'What happened?' Squalo asked sharply, not willing to buckle under the weight of the tension in the room. 'Have you got a location on Xanxus?'

'Potentially,' The Ninth said slowly. 'Alfred Zarkov has now been moved up to number one priority on the Vongola's list.'

Now, Squalo was far from stupid. He knew that something severe must have happened if the Ninth Generation was stepping in and declaring things like that. 'The kid…' Squalo breathed. 'He has Sawada?'

'To start from the beginning…' Hayato muttered under his breath. 'Forty eight hours ago, Juudiame went out for a walk after a heated argument. I got a text message from him stating that he wasn't going to my apartment but if anyone asked, that's where he was. He was headed to Kokuyo where Chrome, Joshima and Kakimoto were staying. Early the next morning, I was taking the shortcut we usually take only to find that he never made it to Kokuyo. The assassin who found dead in the alley-way on the way to Kokuyo was named Demetrius Zarkov—Alfred Zarkov's younger brother. He was dead—three bullets to the diaphragm, the lung and the heart. The killing shot was the one to his heart but he was injured pre-mortem by something hot. It ran him through but it wasn't a fatal shot. Incapacitating at best but not fatal. The triple shot is a signature by a woman named Sarada Mochizuki, a known trafficker and assassin in Japan… we managed to track her to an airport in Shibuya where there was an auction at a nearby hotel.'

Without realizing it, Squalo tensed, eyes narrowing. Sawada had been auctioned off as… what? A harlot?

'We traced her sale to Demitri Volkov.' Hibari continued where Hayato had left off, 'He left on a flight from Shibuya to Baley where he would pick up a flight to Moscow… the only problem is that his flight left an hour ago… and he wasn't on it.'

Darkest Fire PDF Free Download

'What's Zarkov got to do with this?' Bel asked, his familiarity with this side of them obvious. Squalo made it a note to ask about it when they had a free moment because this… was unnerving. To see them acting like Mafiosi…

'Volkov was doing business with Zarkov,' Hayato cut in, 'The brunette he bought in Japan was being sold for double the amount in a set meeting place in Moscow. The time is set for Saturday afternoon in the penthouse at one of the most expensive hotels in Russia—The Royale Empire.'

'Saturday is three days away…' Bel inclined his head. 'But if Volkov doesn't reach his flight, Zarkov is going to think something is up.'

'That's the problem… Volkov has been missing since his flight landed and no one has been able to locate him.' Hayato said with narrowed eyes.

'Baley, right?' Bel asked. 'Baley has a lot of forest ground, not to mention its set right on the Unda River. Volkov is a small town gang known for dealings and prostitution. It wouldn't be surprising if he had holding quarters hidden in the forest. Sometime during the Cold War a whole bunch of them were dug out and forged for prisoners of war. Most of them have been filled but a few have been taken over by small time gangs for torture chambers or meth labs. I know that one is located near Baley and it's not flooded over this time of year.'

'It's not a solid lead but it's firm enough to walk on. How many contacts are still willing to do business with you?' Hayato asked.

'I'm the prince! They'll be banished if they don't do business with me.' Bel snorted. 'I have a few in places that haven't forgotten about my bloodline. You want discreet or knowing?'

'I want Zarkov to feel the heat of going against the Vongola but discretion is key in this one.' Hayato sneered. 'If we spook him, he's bound to take everything he's got and head for the hills.'

'And if Zarkov himself makes an appearance before then?' Bel asked.

'If you can catch him, you mean.' Hayato said taking a drag of his cancer stick. 'Do whatever you want to him but make sure he's still alive and isn't fucked up to the point where he can't give us the information we need.' Hayato said evenly.

Time changes a person—that was a fact Squalo knew well but to see it first hand, just how mature these previously-brats were… it was nerve-wracking. Hayato was behaving more and more like a right hand was supposed to—cold, calculating and ruthless in the face of danger. Squalo suppressed a shudder. He did not want to see this side of them aimed directly at him—that much was for certain.

'Is there anything on Xanxus?' Squalo asked, unable to keep from pondering the question.

Hayato's turquoise eyes flicked towards him and then he sighed. 'Nothing, I'm afraid but as long as the Tenth and Xanxus are in the same country, there's nothing stopping us from looking for both of them.'

'Is there a chance that they've met up?' Lussuria asked all business.

'There is a chance but they haven't.' Chrome was the one to answer. 'Mukuro has been keeping mental tabs on Tsunayoshi using their connection but can't get an exact location because he doesn't have the Vongola Rings on him and the last time he slept was drug-induced.'

'Bianchi stationed herself at the airport last night, keeping her eyes peeled for any sign of either of them but hasn't gotten anything yet.' Hayato put in absently.

'I'll go make those arrangements then,' Bel said. 'I'll notify you when they've been put up.' He added, excusing himself.

Now, the Guardians knew, came the hard part.

Now, they had to wait.

Darkest Fire Pdf Free Download Windows 10

'I don't know what languages he speaks.' Tsuna heard a voice grouch in Russian—one of the languages he had picked up after four years of studying under Reborn's tutelage. It was the same voice he had heard during that… auction thing. The urge to groan was very prominent but Tsuna managed to suppress it through will power alone. Why did his luck have to suck as badly as it did? 'Even so. It doesn't matter what languages he speaks or even if he's a virgin. He's on the first flight from Baley to Moscow where he'll be sold for twice the amount I paid, understand? I already have a buyer in place.'

'Yes, sir…' The lower voice said laced with an emotion Tsuna could identify as fear.

'Dunk him,' The grouchy voice said and Tsuna felt himself being shoved under ice cold water. He was held there for a few moments before lifted back up and was left struggling for breath. 'Do you have a name?' He asked in thickly accented Japanese. Tsuna's Will flared and he had to squash it quite violently to keep it from changing his eye color. The collar would prevent it from materializing but that didn't mean it would prevent his bloodline from becoming apparent and he'd rather not have these fools knowing his identity, thankyouverymuch. 'Again,' He ordered and the people holding him dunked him under water again. He was held there until his head spun. White spots danced in his vision for a bit before he looked at his captor—the obvious leader.

Demetri Volkov—leader of the Volkov gang in Russia. They supplied drug dealers with various date-rape drugs. He had a scar running down his face from one of Bianchi's strikes. Letting his recklessness overtake him despite the warning bells going off clearly in his mind, Tsuna forced his bound arms over his head, his shoulders rolling painfully, until his hands were in front of him and raised them to grab at the wrist of the person who dared to try and drown him. Without warning, he flared his flame and the man—he was sure of that now—let him go with a scream of pain. Tsuna dropped into the water tank and flared his flame to life again, heating his skin and causing the water to heat up as well until nothing but steam was left.

He slammed his shoulder against the tank causing the wood to shatter. His shoulder throbbed on the impact but he wasn't about to stick around and nurse the throbbing pain. He would have ran towards the door but the sharp sound of the safety of a gun clicking off and cocking followed by the sensation of the icy metal digging into the base of his skull stopped him.

'Now, now,' The Demitri said in his accented Japanese. 'That won't do… I spent an awful amount of money on you, you see… I'd hate to bruise my merchandise. I need you clean for your next owner. You see you'll be going to a friend of mine. His name is Zarkov Alfred.'

Zarkov? Shit… he'd heard of them from the report that the Ninth sent him almost a week ago. The organization had been put under high alert after Xanxus had gone MIA investigating their involvement in Federico's death (details of which he would have time to dwell on later). This was not good… if someone as lethal as Xanxus was missing by their hand, he severely doubted that he was going to last ten seconds against them. Trained as he may be, he lacked the experience and he knew experience had more power over strength alone.

'Good boy,' Demitri taunted. 'Now… where were we? Oh yes,' His gun collided with the back of his head, sending white spots into his vision. He didn't give the Russian bastard the pleasure of hearing him cry out. 'What is your name?' He asked again, aiming the gun at his head.

Name… name… he needed a name. 'Tenma,' Tsuna said evenly, letting his displeasure for the man show through.

'Last name, first name?' He pressed.

'I don't think I want you to know,' Tsuna said levelly, his eyes betraying nothing but cold, icy calculation.

'Hm… Tenma means 'true sky', yes?' He asked, leering down at Tsuna as though he was a piece of meat.

Tsuna let a smirk—cold and cruel—flitter over his expression. 'It also means 'demon' or 'evil spirit'.'

'Hm, cheeky brat. How old are you?' No reply. 'I loathe repeating myself.' Demitri said with narrowed eyes. Still, no answer. His caramel eyes watched him with cold calculation and indifference. 'What is your element?' He noticed the slight twitch under his left eye—a reaction. 'Oh-hoh, that got a reaction did it? What is your Famiglia?' He asked, changing his question.

'Freelance,' Tsuna said sharply. 'I work alone.' It was a lie but his steady breathing and level gaze told him otherwise. Demitri seemed to know he was lying though.

'It doesn't matter… you won't see the light of day again. Russia, Japan and Italy are crowded places after all. One missing person won't raise that much of a commotion.'

'If you only knew, you poor bastard. If you only knew…' Tsuna thought, unable to hide his mirth at the thought. Vongola would wipe the floor with this bastard.

'Oh? A feisty one, eh? You know… there's a word in my line of work for your kind. They are called unbreakables. Unbendable wills. You can starve them, rape them, beat them, burn them, physically mutilate them but nothing will change who they are… until they are reunited with their loved ones.' Tsuna had to squash the panic that almost flittered over his gaze.

Even he wasn't infallible.

'Their loved ones are the ones that do the most damage… and once the Zarkov are done with you, you'll be no good.' Demitri continued. 'Shame, too, because you're a cute little thing. You probably had a whole future ahead of you, Tenma-chan.'

Tsuna felt something inside of him snap at the man's tone. He lunged forward and caught Demitri by the throat. A flash of fear flittered through his eyes but it was gone a millisecond later. All of the men aimed their guns at Tsuna and he was left glaring down at Demitri, straddling him with the chains connecting the manacles against the man's throat.

'Let me tell you a little story, Volkov Demitri,' Tsuna said evenly. 'There once was a barbaric king who ruled over all of his people with fear and intimidation. One day, he bought a slave that just refused to listen so he did everything in his power to break that slave. One day, when he was finished having his perverse fun with the slave, the positions were suddenly switched. It was no longer the slave's life that was in his hands. It was the king's life that was in the slave's hands. Ordering his fearing servants to shoot the slaves was pointless because he knew… that slave not only overpowered him but gained the fear and reluctant respect of his subjects as well. Do you know what happened to the king?'

'Oh, humor me,' Demitri said dryly, his pride out weighing his self-preservation. Such a pity, really.

Darkest Fire PDF Free Download

'This,' Tsuna twisted the chain and snapped the man's neck fluidly, ignoring the churning in his gut. Tsuna flipped off of the man and closed his eyes for a second. More death. More blood on his hands.

Stop whining, he heard Reborn's voice snap in the back of his mind. You don't have time for this. Escape. Tsuna didn't wait for the fearing subordinates to snap back to reality. He was doing what he had to do to survive. If it had to be done, do it. Don't second thing it. That's what Reborn taught him.

But always remember the faces, the names, the expressions of those that were killed by your hand.

That was one of his biggest rules. Demitri had no family—only a cruel empire of fearful subordinates that were free and he was one of the people Tsuna had been planning on taking down anyways. This was only speeding up the process.

Tsuna stopped at the edge of what he could only assume was a dungeon to listen. He had to wait for a moment or two before he could hear anything but the sound of his own heartbeat and the blood pounding through his ears but when it cleared, he could hear the sound of wolves howling. It was night time if the packs were out hunting.

He could hear wind, trees, a river, the scrambling of a small animal or two. So they were in a separate place, not attached to any buildings. Good. He could use that.

Tsuna opened his eyes and looked in front of him, eyes narrow in concentration as he allowed his newest ability—synesthesia, as Reborn had called it—to activate. He could see flames—three red, two green, one yellow… now for the scenery… empty hallway, empty hallway… ah-hah! Stares! That must be the exit… now to lead back to where he was…

When he returned to a conscious state of mind, Tsuna wasted no time in running the directions he had just calculated, stopping occasionally when he thought he heard shuffling. Getting to the basement door had been easy but he knew that there was no way of knowing where he was without finding a city of some sort.

He ran through the four languages he did know—Russian, English, Japanese and Italian. They were the ones most used in the business. If he was somewhere where those languages did not come into play, he was fucked to put it gently. Pushing the door open, Tsuna climbed onto the dirt before allowing his surroundings to sink in completely. Forest setting, very moist, dark and he heard a river nearby.

Tsuna had to breathe in a sigh of relief when he got to the river bank—the river was wide and deep. If he had to, he could swim. The current wasn't overpowering but it could potentially turn dangerous if he encountered a waterfall of any kind. The rocks in the center of the river were granite so the water was more than likely already filtered.

'He's escaped!'

'Check the river!'

Well, shit…

Tsuna let out a string of curses and ran to the side of the river, wading through the water. He almost lost his footing a few times but when the water got to his throat, he knew that he wouldn't be able to make it across without swimming and the chains on his wrists were weighing him down.

With only the light of the full moon to guide him, Tsuna uttered the words of encouragement he could think of. 'Close your eyes… and jump.' And that's what he did.

The water was dark. He could see the beams of flashlights behind him, looking over the water for any irregularities. If Volkov's men were still coming after him, that must mean that this Zarkov guy was more intimidating.

Well that shouldn't be surprising. His luck sucked and that was just one more thing on the list to prove it.

The water was hard to move in and his lungs were pleading for air but he had to fight. When he broke through the surface after the beams of light vanished, Tsuna swallowed a large gulp of air and crawled to the side.

Tsuna curled up into a ball, trying to conserve some of his body heat from the cold water. He couldn't help the lone thought that crossed his mind because he was honestly curious—and utterly terrified of how this situation would end.

How long would he be before someone could locate him?


Whew. I have to admit, I am on a roll with this. I had this chapter done yesterday but I waited until today to go through it. Chapter three is also done but it needs some drastic editing and since I don't have a beta (and refuse to get one) I do it all myself.

Remember to tell me what you think! I want to know what you want to see in this story.

Thanks for reading~!

P.S. 'Tsuzukeru' means 'to continue' or 'to be continued' with the way I'm using it for anyone who was wondering.

Thanks for reading~!