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Aug 12, It’s this element to his story that makes “Ghost in the Wires” read like a Kevin Mitnick grew up as an only child of divorced parents, moving. Sep 13, The world’s most famous hacker discusses his new book, his exploits, his imprisonment and his success. Meet the Ghost in the Wires, Kevin. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson Hackers by Steven Levy The Cuckoo’s Egg by Clifford Stoll Ghost in the Wires by Kevin D. Mitnick iWoz by Steve Wozniak.

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Because it was there! Explore the Home Gift Guide. Year ago before Tech TV morphed into G4 and we were treated to endless repeats of Cops and CheatersI happened to tune in one afternoon to see an interview with notorious hacker Kevin Mitnick.

His hacking skills are good too ofcourse, but reading now that most of his accomplishments were done by making phonecalls, tricking people into giving information and faking birth certificates, it did change a lot about my view of security and how weak the human part is!

The true obsessive will try to justify and try to paint their activities in a positive light later in order to self-justify their sociopathic behavior. Clearly the writer is incredibly smart and has led an exciting life. CenturyLink outage takes down several emergency services across the US. If you are technically minded this book is for you. I’m sure there are people who love this book for revealing the “magic” behind social engineering, but I am not one of them.

Ghost Wanted PDF Free Download

We get it, the human element is the weakest in every computer system. There are two main problems with this book: Although –naturally– he is a glowing specimen, the plebeians surrounding him are anything but; he describes everyone else in the memoir either in completely flat terms e.

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His purported love and concern never stop him from involving them in his various schemes to evade and outwit law enforcement. Similarly it might get tedious to those kein more technical knowledge as he explains what may seem like basic concepts.

Los Angeles, CaliforniaU. No, he’s just a curious guy who hacks for the thrill of it, and really, what’s so bad about that? I skipped over most of the technical descriptions but still thoroughly enjoyed the story.

I ended up really enjoying the hunt for his capture and how he was moving and trying yhe stay ahead.

Ghost in the Wires: The Kevin Mitnick Interview ZDNet

I’m still a hacker. I worked at The Well when this was all going down! The Art of Intrusion: Frank in the movie used social engineering for conning people and stealing. I’ve read many books on the subject over the years. Mitnick has always maintained his innocence, so I expected a lot of “I did not do this,” but that’s not what you get.


This is a summary of my interview with Kevin Mitnick, the world’s most famous and most passionate jn.

Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted Hacker

Aug 11, Rob rated it really liked it Shelves: He spent years skipping through cyberspace, always three steps ahead and labeled unstoppable. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

She saw files which were filled with CC info, alerted tech, and they went after him. Controlling the Human Element of Security.

Well, I try to think of myself as a smart guy. Chronology of Tech History.

Kevin Mitnick – Wikipedia

But due tomorrow statute of limitations expiring, he and a ghost we are able to tell his side. I’m sure it lies somewhere in the middle. See and discover other items: Only four days, I am on page The biggest mystery to me is how he got the mjtnick Steve Wozniak to write the foreword for him — maybe he held Woz’s long-distance service hostage from him?

Like many reviewers here, I had heard the stories during the time, but did not remotely understand the extent of the social engineering Kevin performed.

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