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Tell me about the downloadable 3D model files and home printing.

At the urging of many makers, tinkerers, inventors, and printers, we have begun offering digital print file distribution. This means, in addition to ordering 3D prints, users now have the option to buy the model file for their custom Hero Forge characters. These files can then be loaded into your 3D printing software for printing at home. Models are tessellated meshes with a polycount of up to 100,000 triangles. They are not rigged for animation.

Models are distributed via your Digital Downloads page in .stl file format. They are typically posted within 15-30 minutes of your purchase, but please allow for up to one business day. Digital models are only guaranteed to be available on your Digital Downloads page for six months from purchase.

Note that Hero Forge miniatures are finely detailed scale models. As a result, some home 3D printers do not have the ability to faithfully replicate the level of detail present in the source model or have issues printing thin, free-standing “wire” parts or the thin supports necessary to support a model during the build process. As a result, Hero Forge does not give any warranty about the models, and does not guarantee that the model will be fit for any particular purposes or be compatible with any specific make or model of printer.

We strongly recommend printing one of our free sample digital models before making a purchase. Sample models are available on your Digital Downloads page.

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3D printers come in many shapes, sizes, and employ a wide range of technologies. Different technologies have different benefits and drawbacks. You are invited to submit photos of your prints, along with your printer’s make and model, materials used, and any pertinent settings used to create your print. The most common technologies are as follows:

SLA and DLP Printers

Some of the highest detail 3D printers are based on SLA (Stereolithography) and DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology. These printers use a pool of liquid resin which, by being exposed to a light source such as a projector or a laser, solidifies the liquid material into a solid layer by layer.

These printers most commonly function by submerging a “build platform” into a pool of liquid resin, allowing a light or laser on the underside to trace the layer’s shape, hardening it onto the build platform, which then serves as the foundation for the next layer. The platform then lifts from the resin, and is resubmerged again to print each successive layer.

SLA and DLP printers are known for producing some of the finest detail on the market, ideal for 30mm scale models for tabletop play. They also tend to be more expensive than other print technologies, both in terms of material costs and hardware.

Form2 by Formlabs

Material: “Gray Resin v3”
Settings: Printed at the maximum .025mm layer height. The models were oriented on their backs in order to allow high detail areas like the face and chest to remain free of support structures.

FDM Printers

The most common home 3D printers use FDM (fused deposition modeling) print technology. These machines start with a spool of ‘filament,’ typically a long wire of PLA or ABS plastic. The printer uses a heated nozzle to melt the filament, extruding onto a build tray similar to how a hot glue gun works. The material is extruded along a path predetermined by the controlling software. The melted material cools and solidifies, building the print layer by layer, with each new layer using the last as its foundation. This is one of the cheapest 3D printing technologies, and, while it does not match the detail levels of some other printing methods, is great for producing low-cost and large-scale models.

There are many, many companies producing a wide range of printers with a multitude of features, options, and settings. Common brands include Makerbot, LulzBot, XYZprinting, and many more. While we cannot test or provide recommended settings for every printer on the market, what follows are user-submitted images of their prints, along with any settings or material information they’ve provided. We encourage users to print and submit images of our sample models so we can add them to our directory!

Da Vinci Jr. 1.0

Material: “PLA”
Settings: Vertical orientation, 200 micron resolution, raft with supports, slow print speed.

Dremel 3D Idea Builder 3D20

Material: PLA
Settings: Layer Height: 0.12mm, Speed: 2000mm/min, Had to rotate the models X:-90º to stand upright. Support structures were needed.

L3 MK2

Maker Select Plus

Material: PLA

Mono Price Select Mini

Material: Hatchbox Gold PLA, 1.75mm
Settings: For Model 1 (Paladin) - 0.04375mm layer height, on back rotated 45 degrees back, grid support. For Model 2 (Elf) - 0.04375mm layer height, laying flat on back, grid support.

MonoPrice IIIP

Material: PLA
Settings: Layer height: .1. Shell thickness: 1.2. Bottom/top thickness: 1.2. Fill density 10%. Print speed: 40. Printing temp: 210c. Bed temp: 65c.

Robo3D R1+

DownloadMaterial: PLA
Settings: Printed at .1mm layer height.


Material: PLA filament 1.75mm
Settings: Printed 45deg orientation, 1mm thickness, normal print speed, heated bed, base down, 0.1 layers.

Ultimaker 2+

Material: PLA

Up! Plus2

Material: PLA
Settings: Printed at 0.15mm layer resolution with a 0.4mm nozzle.

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Course Hero
Available inEnglish
FoundedOctober 2006; 14 years ago in Redwood City, California
Headquarters2000 Seaport Blvd
Redwood City, California
Area servedWorldwide
CEOAndrew Grauer
RegistrationOptional (required for uploading and downloading documents, viewing full tutor answers and asking questions)
Current statusActive

Course Hero is an American education technology website company based in Redwood City, California, which operates an online learning platform for students to access course-specific study resources (homework, essays and tests) contributed by a community of students and educators.

The crowdsourced learning platform contains practice problems, study guides, infographics, class notes, step-by-step explanations, essays, lab reports, videos, user-submitted questions paired with answers from tutors, and original materials created and uploaded by educators. Users either buy a subscription or upload original documents to receive unlocks that are used to view and download full Course Hero documents.[2]


Course Hero was founded by Andrew Grauer at Cornell University in 2006 for college students to share lectures, class notes, exams and assignments that usually went ignored.[3] He believed that information is valuable and can be even more useful if properly indexed and accessible.[4]

In November 2014, the company raised $15 million in Series A Funding, with investors that included GSV Capital and IDG Capital. Seed investors SV Angel and Maveron also participated.[5] In February 2020, the company raised a further $10 million in Series B Funding, valuing the company at over $1 billion. The Series B round was led by NewView Capital, whose founder and managing partner, Ravi Viswanathan, joined Course Hero’s board of directors. NewView Capital also contributed $30 million in what’s known as an employee tender offer, a process by which NewView purchased company shares directly from Course Hero employees.[6]

Course Hero acquired Symbolab, a mathematics problem solver, in October 2020, and acquired LitCharts, a literature guide resource, in June 2021. Terms of these acquisitions were not disclosed.[7][8]


Study documents[edit]

In 2012 it was asserted that Course Hero provided access to over 7 million uploaded study documents. Students pay a monthly subscription to have immediate Premier Access to Course Hero or they can upload 40 documents to receive free access for a month. When a user has uploaded 40 documents, they can download up to 300 documents from Course Hero. However, it takes about three days to get Premier Access after submitting documents. User can search for documents by content, university or course subject.[9] A philanthropic initiative called the Course Hero Knowledge Drive was introduced in September 2010 in which one book is donated to Books for Africa for every 10 study documents uploaded to the website. Since its inception, the Course Hero Knowledge Drive has donated over 200,000 books to students and schools abroad.[10]

Tutoring services[edit]

Course Hero offers 24/7 access to online tutors. They can ask any question about a subject and a tutor will respond within 3 days. This access is charged per use via 'credits' for Premier Users, but basic subscribers have to pay per question.[citation needed]


On April 17, 2012, Course Hero launched 22 free online courses in three 'learning paths': Entrepreneurship, Business, and Web Programming. These courses use aggregated educational content from the web and consistently test students until they master their subject. Each course breaks down into roughly 6 sections, teaching a combination of videos and articles.[11] On August 7, 2012, Course Hero added a further 18 free skill-based courses to their catalog.[12] Course Hero also rewards students who complete 5 or more in either three offered learning paths. Prizes include the opportunity to pitch a business plan to SV Angel and $5,000 or a chance to get a job at Course Hero.

Video lectures and educator platform[edit]

This is where educators can openly share knowledge and content through Course Hero.[13] You can search through a library of video lectures by university, subject or instructor. This part of the website also offers a free directory of digital courses that are available on the Internet.[citation needed]


Copyright concerns[edit]

The documents uploaded for sale are frequently the intellectual property of instructors, not of the students who post them/sell them. Course Hero's Use Policy states that uploaders must be authorized to post the file, however Course Hero does not verify this or notify copyright holders prior to submissions being uploaded. This includes exams and their keys, quizzes and their keys, study guides written by instructors. To protect the rights of the copyright holders, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act requires Course Hero to expeditiously remove content when it is flagged as infringing its copyright. However, the process to remove copyrighted material can be seen as overly burdensome and may be a subtle way to discourage people from following through on such claims.

Privacy concerns[edit]

Course Hero pages contain names, emails, addresses, and/or office locations of faculty and teaching assistants, with no indication that Course Hero was authorized to post/sell that information.


As Course Hero allows students to post previous homework and exam solutions from their classes, the website is often cited as an aid to student cheating. Subscribers can download complete papers that were submitted by previous students, and submit them as their own work. Additionally, the site allows students to upload homework and get completed work solutions from the site's contracted workers.[14]


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