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  1. The Magician Arcana Social Link is represented by Yosuke Hanamura, a classmate of the protagonist.The Social Link is the first Social Link forged storyline wise, where it was initiated after the protagonist and Yosuke ventures into the Midnight Channel to investigate the death behind Saki Konishi.
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  3. The epic Saga begins with Magician, I cannot remember ever waiting so eagerly for the remaining books to be released, except for Eddings and The Belgariad and The Mallorean. Pug is an orphan keep boy who dreams of being a great soldier, like his almost brother Tomas. Fate in the hand of Macros, an almost immortal Magician, has other ideas.
  4. A Las Vegas magician who headlines his own show, Lance Burton has won FISM (International Federation of Magic Societies) and appeared in his own television specials. He is a skilled magician and an excellent entertainer.

Willpower is often the primary meaning for The Magician. You are all about setting goals and using pure will to see them through to the end. This card represents you manifesting your thoughts and desires into reality, as if by magic, in the future. Taking action now will eventually attract those fantastic opportunities you crave.

Hard work pays off with The Magician. You will display the ability to make something (such as a business) work. You’ll gain the drive to outdo any competition in your path.

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Sometimes, The Magician Tarot card is indicative of skill, especially if that skill is something that requires hands-on work. Perhaps you have fresh and efficient ways of doing things others around you are not capable of copying? This is also very true if there is a Three of Pentacles or Eight of Pentacles in your reading.

Because stage magicians play tricks on the audience, The Magician has some negative attributes. Sometimes, this card can represent a conman character coming into your life. In love Tarot readings, The Magician can mark infidelity depending on surrounding cards. Deception is the negative face of a Magician.

In general readings that don’t have set questions, The Magician predicts the start of something new. You will have the willpower needed to get your new interest off the ground. It is for this reason, that The Magician usually predicts the start of a business, new job or hobby.

The Magician Love Tarot Meaning

The Magician can take on two meanings in a love reading. The hand he plays depends on if the reading looks encouraging or not.

In a Tarot reading that looks favorable, The Magician means that you will get what you want from your relationship. If you have asked a question that requires a yes or no, The Magician always represents a yes. Therefore, if he is surrounded by good cards and the relationship seems to be running smoothly his appearance in a spread is fine (but I will say, there are more desirable cards out there).

In a Tarot reading that looks overly negative, The Magician is never a good omen for love. This card can mean that your partner is pulling the wool over your eyes and leading you on. They could be being unfaithful but can also be deceiving you about their financial situation either now or in the future. Remain vigilant.

Personally, I believe The Magician has a somewhat positive meaning if you’re wondering whether your lover is going to come back or if there is going to be a reconciliation. The Magician can represent a spark within your ex becoming reignited. They will feel the urge to return to you.

(If you would like more love Tarot meanings for The Magician, check out the Love Tarot Meanings E-Book).

The Magician Feelings Tarot Meaning

If you're wondering how someone feels about you, I will not read The Magician as a good sign. The Magician uses people and is only out for himself; he doesn't make for a desirable partner.

In general, The Magician means that they do not see you as a person but as a means to an end. While they may not be out to hurt you in the beginning, if your relationship is not suiting them, they will have no second thoughts about cutting you off.

The Magician Future Tarot Meaning

For most types of Tarot readings, I interpret The Magician positively when it appears in an outcome or future position. Usually, The Magician is a sure sign that you are going to get everything you want, whether that is in your relationships, love life, or career. However, the catch it that you have to work for it and think positively! Work towards your goals and use manifestation and the law of attraction - if you do, the future looks bright.

The Magician Business & Career Tarot Meaning

The Magician is generally a desirable card in business and career readings because it is the card of will and willpower. Many people lack the level of commitment it takes to scale their business, and this is probably why most businesses fail. However, The Magician in a Tarot spread tells me that you have the ability to push forward with your goals (which is always a plus).

If The Magician appears in an outcome position, it can mean that something will happen in the future to give you a kick in the ass and get working. In the future, you will gain the willpower needed to move ahead with any plans you make, career-wise.

The only time I would worry about The Magician is if I was hiring or collaborating with another person on a project. This card can appear as a warning that they are not all they appear to be. You should be careful with who you choose to work with professionally.

The Magician as a Yes or No

General - The Magician is a yes or a ‘go for it’ for most types of readings.

Do they like me? -. If you’re wondering how someone feels about you, I do feel that The Magician is a yes, they do like you. However, be warned; this person is only out for themselves and views you as a means to an end.

Am I pregnant? - I often do interpret The Magician as a pregnancy card, but other Tarot readers would disagree.

Is this relationship going to last? - I feel that this relationship is going to continue for the foreseeable future.

Does the future of this look promising? - Yes, the outcome of this matter looks promising, especially if you have been thinking positively. Do not sit on the fence; go for your desires.

Am I going to reconcile with my ex? - Yes, your ex-lover is going to come back. If they do not have feelings for you anymore, their past feelings will reignite in the future. However, you may have to give it some time. Trust that everything is going to happen in its own time.

The Magician as a Negative, Weakness or Obstacle

The Magician will appear in a negative, weakness, or obstacles spread position when an other individual is playing you. Other people find it easy to manipulate you, and they do not have your best interests at heart. From now on, look out for yourself as you are the only person that you can trust.

The Magician as a Positive, Strength or Advantage

The Magician will appear in a positive, strength or advantage spread position when you have manifestation on your side. You have the power to create your own reality, so make sure that your thoughts match the things you want to attract.

That’s all for The Magician Tarot card meaning! Remember, you can discover more love Tarot meanings (and the feelings of your lover) by checking out the Love Tarot Meanings E-Book here.

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141 W 22nd Street (22nd Street Sport Fishing Landing), San Pedro CA-90731

The Magician Dive Boat is a staple to the Southern California dive community. The boat is a fast, sleek-hulled 65 foot Passenger/sport ocean going vessel certified by the U.S. Coast Guard. The Magician has a hot shower, a galley that seats 22, air conditioned bunks for 22 people, spacious fore and aft sun decks for relaxing on the upper deck in between dives.

General Information

Length Over All: 65ft

Bunks: Sleeps 22

Gases Available: Air included, Nitrox available for additional fee (see below)

Tanks and Weights—Does the MAGICIAN provide tanks and weights?

Divers bring their own weights and one full tank to start. We will re-fill the tanks after each dive.

Parking—Is there a cost for parking?

FREE PARKING is available at three convenient areas located near the MAGICIAN site. You can unload your gear near the dock and then park your car across the street from 22nd Street Landing for FREE!

C-Card—What documents do I need in order to dive on the MAGICIAN?

Every diver on the MAGICIAN must show our divemaster a certification card (C-card) from a recognized agency in order to SCUBA dive with us as well as an advanced certification card when required for advanced dive destinations. Those diving on Nitrox must also have a Nitrox (Enriched Air) certification card in their possession in order for us to be able to fill their tanks with Nitrox.

Equipment—What equipment should I bring?

Our divers bring all of their gear necessary for a safe and enjoyable dive outing, including a tank, weights, C-Card and dive computer. For our advanced dives a safety sausage and a whistle will be required. A light is also recommended.

Cameras—Do you have a camera rinse?

Yes. There is a camera rinse bucket on the back deck located between the two gates.

Boarding—When can I board the boat?

Samsung Magician

You are welcome to board the boat one hour before your scheduled departure time.

Liability and Assumption of Risk—Will I be required to sign any papers before I go on the trip?

Yes! Every passenger on the boat, whether or not diving, is required to sign a Dive Trip Assumption of Risk and Travel Release of Liability form that we provide to you in the Galley when you board.

Weather—What if there is a schedule change due to weather conditions?

We work hard to minimize the effects of the weather on our diving plans! The weather is unpredictable and the crossing to the islands can be rough at times, but once at the islands there are many places where we can tuck in to hide from the weather so that your diving is still enjoyable. Be assured that the captain will not place his passengers, his crew, or his boat in danger, he will make the final determination about destination and departure times for the safety of all on board.

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