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Despicable Me 3 is hitting theaters this summer and we have rounded up 15 Free Minion printables for you! We found a great variety of Minion printables that include invitations, stickers, door hangers, minion art, and more! Click each photo to head to that printable’s website!

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With Despicable Me 3 coming out this summer, these fun Free Printable Summer Minions Invitations would be great for a summer Minion birthday party, beach party, or a pool party!

These Free Printable Minion labels would be great for labeling your kids’ lunch boxes, labeling foods at parties, use them as place cards, if you’re a teacher you could use them to label the desks in the classroom. The possibilities are endless!

This Free Printable Minion Burlap Art is designed to look like the Minion was painted on actual burlap. It is an adorable little decoration and if placed in a frame, would look really cute as playroom or nursery decor!

This is a fun game to keep the kiddos busy! They use the pictures at the bottom as a key to find them in the larger pictures. See how many you can find!

This cute Free Printable Minion Checklist would make a great shopping list, birthday list, to-do list, wish list, bucket list, packing list, you name it, this Minion checklist has got you covered!


Print out the Free Printable Minion play money and your kiddos can use it in their toy cash registers and wallets! The minion play money would also be great to add to a party favor bag for your Minion Party!

Chalkboard art is beautiful, but all that chalk dust can be messy. This Free Minion Chalkboard Art printable gives you that desired chalkboard look without the clean up! Add it to a frame and this too, would look really cute in a nursery or playroom, maybe even the classroom or kitchen!

Everyone knows Minions LOVE bananas and now with this free printable, you can dress up your bananas! Surprise your kiddos at school when they open up their lunchbox and see a Minion banana smiling up at them, or use them as cute party food for your Minion party!

Keep track of your schedule with this cute Free Printable Minion Calendar. The days of the year are left blank for you to fill in. These would be really cute in a kid’s room or they would be a fun way to teach the months and days of the year!

These cute door hangers are a great decoration for any Minion fan’s room! Print them on card stock to make them more sturdy and they would also be a great party favor if laminated!

This Free Printable Minion Popcorn Box is so fun! It works perfectly for treats at a Minion birthday party or have a Minion movie night and you have a perfect box for your popcorn!

This printable Minion puzzle is a fun way to help your little ones learn numbers and learn about putting puzzles together. There are different Minion designs and puzzle shapes to choose from!

These Free Printable Minion Chore Charts might help your kids get more chores done! Fill in the chart and they get to check off each chore for the day as they do it! Working with Minions can be much more fun!


These sweet little Free Printable Minion Kiss Stickers will add some Minion fun to your Hershey Kisses!

These wonderful Minion Cupcake Toppers are perfect for taping to a toothpick and putting on top of your cake or cupcakes! They can also be printed on adhesive label paper to make wonderful stickers!


King James, fully recovered from the terrible fright occasioned him by the
Gunpowder Plot, had returned to his norm of pusillanimity. Guy Fawkes,
unbroken in spirit, however broken in body by torture, had expiated on the
gallows in Paul's Yard the attempt—in his own bold words—to blow the
Scots beggars back to their mountains.
The beggars remained and profited by the distribution amongst them of the

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acres and possessions of the conspirators, most of whom were gentlemen of
For the King, too, the matter had not been without ultimate profit, of a more
spiritual kind. It had enabled him by an exercise of the arts of kingcraft—a
term signifying little more than the shameless use of falsehood and
dissimulation—to parade before the world the divine inspiration vouchsafed
to monarchs. It was, he pretended, the acuteness with which kings are
supernaturally endowed which had enabled him to enucleate from obscurest
utterances the true aim and nature of the plot, and thus, almost
miraculously, to avert a national catastrophe.
Some material profit, too, was to be extracted from it, in the course of a
further display of the spiritual graces and accomplishments of this
astounding prince. He was enabled to argue, cogently enough, that people
themselves so intolerant as the Papists, on whose behalf it had been sought
to blow him and his Parliament into a better world, deserved no toleration;
that the Scarlet Woman on her seven hills propounded, indeed, the mystery
of iniquity. Hence he was justified in proceeding against Papists and at the
same time against Puritans—so as to be perfectly consistent in his exclusive
upholding of the Established Church—by means of heavy fines and
confiscations. Thus he replenished his sadly depleted treasury and was
enabled further to relieve the necessities of those Scots beggars—and some
English ones, too—who clustered about him.

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