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The Fifth Season PDF Free Download

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BBL Schedule 2020-2021 BBL10 fixtures: The upcoming edition of the Big Bash League is starting from 10th December 2020 and is going to be as entertaining as always. A total of 8 teams are going to participate in a double round-robin cum knockout tournament. The top 4 teams in the league stage will qualify for the knockout stage. After the two semi-finals, there will only be two teams left that will fight for the trophy in the finals after almost two months.

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BBL Schedule 2020-2021

Indian players are not featured in the league but the Indian fans are so passionate about the game that this league has a big fan base in India no matter who are the players.

Finally, the good news for big Bash League viewers is that the bbl schedule of the league is announced.

BBL 2019-20Schedule
Total matches61
Cricket formatT20
Participants8 teams

The Big bash schedule has been released a few days ago and it is starting from 10th December 2020 till 06 February 2021. This means that the tournament is not even going to last even two months but it is going to be fun.

The first match of the league will be played between Hobart Hurricanes and Sydney Sixers Men and will start at 7:15 PM according to local time (AEDT). This will be the first match of the league.

BBL Schedule 2020- 21 details Big Bash Fixture

Match No.MatchVenueDateTime (IST)
1Hobart Hurricanes vs Sydney SixersBlundstone Arena, Hobart10-Dec, 20201.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
2Melbourne Stars vs Brisbane HeatManuka Oval, Canberra11-Dec, 20201.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
3Melbourne Stars vs Sydney ThunderManuka Oval, Canberra12-Dec, 2020

12-Dec, 2020

10.35 AM/04:05 PM(Local)
4Melbourne Renegades vs Perth ScorchersBlundstone Arena, Hobart1.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
5Adelaide Strikers vs Hobart HurricanesBlundstone Arena, Hobart13-Dec, 2020

13-Dec, 2020

8.40 AM/ 02:10 PM(Local)
6Sydney Sixers vs Melbourne RenegadesBlundstone Arena, Hobart1.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
7Sydney Thunder vs Brisbane HeatManuka Oval, Canberra14-Dec, 20201.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
8Hobart Hurricanes vs Adelaide StrikersUniversity of Tasmania Stadium, Launceston15-Dec, 20201.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
9Perth Scorchers vs Melbourne StarsUniversity of Tasmania Stadium, Launceston16-Dec, 20201.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
10Hobart Hurricanes vs Melbourne RenegadesBlundstone Arena, Hobart19-Dec, 20205.40 AM/ 11:10 AM(Local)
11Sydney Sixers vs Adelaide StrikersBlundstone Arena, Hobart20-Dec, 20205.40 AM/ 11:10 AM(Local)
12Sydney Thunder vs Perth ScorchersManuka Oval, Canberra22-Dec, 20201.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
13Brisbane Heat vs Adelaide StrikersThe Gabba, Brisbane23-Dec, 202012.45 PM/ 06:15 PM(Local)
14Sydney Thunder vs Melbourne RenegadesManuka Oval, Canberra26-Dec, 2020

26-Dec, 2020

12.45 PM/ 06:15 PM(Local)
15Sydney Sixers at Melbourne StarsMetricon stadium2.40 PM/ 08:20 PM(Local)
16Brisbane Heat vs Hobart HurricanesThe Gabba, Brisbane27-Dec, 202012.45 PM/ 06:15 PM(Local)
17Perth Scorchers vs Adelaide StrikersAdelaide Oval, Adelaide28-Dec, 20201.45 PM/ 06:45 PM(Local)
18Melbourne Renegades vs Sydney SixersMetricon stadium29-Dec, 2020

29-Dec, 2020

11.40 AM/ 05:10 PM(Local)
19Sydney Thunder vs Melbourne StarsManuka Oval, Canberra1.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
20Hobart Hurricanes vs Brisbane HeatThe Gabba, Brisbane30-Dec, 202012.45 PM/ 06:15 PM(Local)
21Adelaide Strikers vs Perth ScorchersAdelaide Oval, Adelaide31-Dec, 202001.15 PM/ 06:45 PM(Local)
22Melbourne Renegades vs Sydney ThunderMetricon stadium01-Jan, 202112.45 PM/ 06:15 PM(Local)
23Hobart Hurricanes vs Melbourne StarsBlundstone Arena, Hobart02-Jan, 2021

02-Jan, 2021

11.35 AM/ 05:05 PM(Local)
24Brisbane Heat vs Sydney SixersThe Gabba, Brisbane2.35 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
25Perth Scorchers vs Melbourne RenegadesOptus Stadium, Perth03-Jan, 2021

03-Jan, 2021

10.35 AM/ 01:05 PM(Local)
26Adelaide Strikers vs Sydney SixersMetricon stadium1.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
27Brisbane Heat vs Sydney ThunderThe Gabba, Brisbane04-Jan, 2021

04-Jan, 2021

1.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
28Melbourne Stars vs Hobart HurricanesBlundstone Arena, Hobart10.35 AM/ 06:15 PM(Local)
29Melbourne Renegades vs Adelaide StrikersAdelaide Oval, Adelaide05-Jan, 20211.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
30Perth Scorchers vs Sydney SixersOptus Stadium, Perth06-Jan, 20211.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
31Hobart Hurricanes vs Sydney ThunderOptus Stadium, Perth07-Jan, 2021

07-Jan, 2021

12.40 PM/ 03:10 PM(Local)
32Brisbane Heat vs Melbourne StarsMetricon stadium3.40 PM/ 08:20 PM(Local)
33Adelaide Strikers vs Melbourne RenegadesAdelaide Oval, Adelaide08-Jan, 202112.40 PM/ 05:40 PM(Local)
34Perth Scorchers vs Sydney ThunderOptus Stadium, Perth09-Jan, 20211.45 PM/ 04:15 PM(Local)
35Sydney Sixers vs Brisbane HeatMetricon stadium10-Jan, 20211.45 PM/ 06:15 PM(Local)
36Adelaide Strikers vs Melbourne StarsAdelaide Oval, Adelaide11-Jan, 20211.45 PM/ 06:45 PM(Local)
37Perth Scorchers vs Hobart HurricanesOptus Stadium, Perth12-Jan, 20211.45 PM/ 04:15 PM(Local)
38Sydney Thunder vs Sydney SixersSydney Showground Stadium, Sydney13-Jan, 20211.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
39Brisbane Heat vs Melbourne RenegadesMarvel Stadium, Docklands14-Jan, 20211.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
40Melbourne Stars vs Adelaide StrikersMCG, Melbourne15-Jan, 20211.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
41Sydney Sixers vs Perth ScorchersSCG, Sydney16-Jan, 202112.40 PM/ 06:40 PM(Local)
42Melbourne Stars vs Melbourne RenegadesMCG, Melbourne17-Jan, 20211.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
43Sydney Thunder vs Hobart HurricanesSydney Showground Stadium, Sydney18-Jan, 20211.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
44Perth Scorchers vs Brisbane HeatMarvel Stadium, Docklands19-Jan, 20211.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
45Melbourne Renegades vs Melbourne StarsMarvel Stadium, Docklands20-Jan, 20211.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
46Adelaide Strikers vs Brisbane HeatMCG, Melbourne21-Jan, 20211.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
47Hobart Hurricanes vs Perth ScorchersMarvel Stadium, Docklands22-Jan, 2021

22-Jan, 2021

10.35 AM/ 04:05 PM(Local)
48Sydney Sixers vs Sydney ThundersSCG, Sydney1.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
49Melbourne Renegades vs Brisbane HeatMarvel Stadium, Docklands23-Jan, 2021

23-Jan, 2021

10.35 AM/ 04:05 PM(Local)
50Melbourne Stars vs Perth ScorchersMCG, Melbourne1.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
51Sydney Thunder vs Adelaide StrikersSydney Showground Stadium, Sydney24-Jan, 2021

24-Jan, 2021

10.35 AM/ 04:05 PM(Local)
52Sydney Sixers vs Hobart HurricanesSCG, Sydney1.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
53Adelaide Strikers vs Sydney ThunderSydney Showground Stadium, Sydney25-Jan, 20211.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
54Brisbane Heat vs Perth ScorchersSCG, Sydney26-Jan, 2021

26-Jan, 2021

26-Jan, 2021

7.35 AM/ 01:05 PM(Local)
55Melbourne Renegades vs Hobart HurricanesMCG, Melbourne10.35 AM/ 04:10 PM(Local)
56Melbourne Stars vs Sydney SixersMCG, Melbourne2.20 PM/ 07:50 PM(Local)
57EliminatorTBC29-Jan, 20211.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
58QualifierTBC30-Jan, 20211.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
59KnockoutTBC31-Jan, 20211.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
60ChallengerTBC04-Feb, 20211.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)
61The FinalTBC06-Feb, 20211.45 PM/ 07:15 PM(Local)

The Fifth Season Pdf Free Download Pdf

* This BBL Schedule can also be changed by Cricket Australia.

*Free Download: Big Bash League Schedule 2020-2021 PDF

We try our best to provide accurate information to our visitors and according to that the above bbl fixture is correct, but we cannot promise accuracy. Big bash fixtures are subject to change at Australia’s Cricket discretion. We would suggest you visit once the official BBL fixtures for the updated big bash league fixtures.

Big Bash League Teams 2020 – 2021

The upcoming season of the big bash league will feature all the 8 teams that are participating from the first season

BBL Teams
Adelaide Strikers
Brisbane Heat
Hobart Hurricanes
Melbourne Renegades
Melbourne Stars
Perth Scorchers
Sydney Sixers
Sydney Thunder

Big Bash League playoffs Schedule 2020-2021

The Final of the tournament is scheduled to be held on 06th February 2021 in the Home stadium of the highest-ranked team in the league stage.

The Playoffs

The fifth season pdf free download pdf
  • Eliminator

Fourth place vs Fifth place team

29 January 2021.

  • The Qualifier

First place vs Second place team

The fifth season pdf free download free

30 January 2021.

  • The Knockout

Third place team vs Winner of the Eliminator

31 January 2021.

  • The Challenger

Winner of Qualifier vs Winner of Knockout

04 February 2021.

  • Final

Winner of Qualifier vs Winner of Challenger

06 February 2021.

Big Bash League Schedule 2020-2021 New

The Fifth Season Pdf free. download full

The new format of the league will see the top 5 teams qualify for the playoffs with the fourth and fifth team need to win 4 consecutive matches to win the title while the first and second-ranked teams will face each other and the loser will have a second chance also for qualifying to the finals.

Due to this format, there will be 2 extra matches from all the other seasons but the season will be one week shorter than other seasons and will finish in just 61 days this season.

Also See: Big Bash Live Streaming Channels List TV Broadcasting 2020 – 2021

The Fifth Season PDF Free Download

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