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The Mermaid's Child PDF Free Download

A mermaid's power is SINGULAR, it is NOT super powerful, and no two have the exact same power. If anything, it at least feels different when they use it than when a mermaid with a similar power uses it, or requires motion where another's doesn't, etc.-Pure mermaids are RARE. We can not have ten of them and two that were once human.

The mermaid' s child pdf free. download full

Mermaid Editor is vscode extension inspired by official mermaid live editor to provide the following features:

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  • Live edit .mmd file with mermaid.js diagram
  • Syntax highliting.
  • Generate image file from .mmd file with preferred format (png, jpg, webp and svg).
  • Customize configuration for individual mmd diagram by using atrribute which is available in this extension.


The extension is activated when opening .mmd file.

Open live preview

  • Select Mermaid:Preview mermaid from context menu or command palette
  • Click Mermaid:Preview diagram icon at right corner
  • ctrl+alt+[ on .mmd file

Generate image

Generate command is only available when .mmd file is opened and live preview is activated.

  • Select Mermaid:Generate image from context menu or command palette
  • Click Mermaid:Generate image icon
  • ctrl+alt+] on .mmd file

Change scale of live preview

Zoom in/out is supported for live preview.

  • Select Mermaid:Zoom in, Mermaid:Zoom out, Mermaid:Reset zoom, Mermaid:Zoom to specific scale from command palette
  • Click Mermaid:Zoom in, Mermaid:Zoom out icon focusing live preview panel
  • Zoom out: ctrl+alt+-
  • Zoom in: ctrl+alt+=
  • Reset zoom: ctrl+alt+0


This extension supports attribute to specify preferred configuration for each .mmd file. The attribute have to be described in comment of mermaid syntax.

The Mermaid' S Child Pdf Free Download Free


Each .mmd file can be associated with mermaid configuration. With this attribute, .mmd file can read specified configuration. path_to_config have to be described as relative path to the config json file from associated .mmd file. If this attribute is not provided, default config file setting up in mermaid-editor.preview.defaultMermaidConfig is applied.


Each .mmd file can be associated with preferred background color. With this attribute, .mmd can read specifed background color with CSS style property format.If this attribute is not provided, default background color setting up in mermaid-editor.preview.backgroundColor is applied. The followings are example.


The Mermaid' S Child Pdf free. download full

Each .mmd file can be associated with preferred output scale. With this attribute, the diagram can be generated with preferred scale factor.If this attribute is not provided, default scale setting up in mermaid-editor.generate.scale is applied. Positive number is only permitted for this attribute. If invalid value is set, default value is used as above. The followings are example.


Settings for look & feel in preview or image generator.

The Mermaid' S Child Pdf Free Download Windows 10

mermaid-editor.preview.defaultMermaidConfigRelative path to the default configuration json file for mermaidjs.
mermaid-editor.preview.backgroundColorwhiteDefault background color for live preview and generated image.
mermaid-editor.preview.errorOutputOnSavetrueShow error output console whe saving file if there's error message.
Note: Error output in the console itself is always available regardless of this configuration.
mermaid-editor.generate.typesvgOutput image file type [svg, png, jpg, webp].
mermaid-editor.generate.outputPathRelative path to the output target directory from project root.
mermaid-editor.generate.useCurrentPathtrueUse relative output path as same as target mmd file instead of 'outputPath'.
mermaid-editor.generate.scale1.0Scale of the output image. Only positive number (>0) is permitted. Otherwise, 1.0 is used.


The Mermaid' S Child Pdf free download. software

This extension uses Feather icon set under CC BY 3.0