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The Stonekeeper's Curse PDF Free Download

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The Stonekeeper
SpeciesDwarven Colossus
5,296,696 in Hardmode
The Stonekeeper

The Stonekeeper is a Dwarven Colossus that serves as the final boss of Frostvault, guarding one half of the Wrathstone. Due to having a shield active, it cannot be damaged unless both its Flame Bellows Gauntlet and Rotary Blades Gauntlet are destroyed, creating a period of time where it can be attacked until it repairs its arms.


Periodically, you and your group members will be tasked with controlling skeevatons to disable shock conveyors during the battle.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Lock and Keystone: Search the depths of a Dwemer vault for a powerful artifact.
  • Pledge: Frostvault: Prove you are truly Undaunted by clearing Frostvault.

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Flensing Ray
Caused by rotary blade
Shocking Countermeasure
Extermination Protocol
Oneshot kill ability. Occurs if you do not reach a skeevaton in time after it activates its failsafe.


Achievements associated with this enemy:

Drop Testing5Knock 20 enemies off the Stonekeeper's platform in Frostvault.
Rat Race10Shut down the Stonekeeper's Extermination Protocol using Tharayya's skeevatons within 35 seconds of her summoning them in Frostvault. Timer begins at the start of her warning.
Vault Cracker50Defeat the Stonekeeper after pressing the Veracity Verifier in Veteran Frostvault.
A Variety of Vermin10Take control of each type of custom skeevaton. Custom skeevatons are available during an Extermination Protocol phase of the Stonekeeper battle after having activated the Veracity Verifier in Veteran Frostvault. You cannot be Scrap Metal or dead at the end of the phase to receive credit.
Frostvault Vanquisher10Defeat Icestalker, Warlord Tzogvin, the Vault Protector, Rizzuk Bonechill, and the Stonekeeper in Frostvault.
Frostvault Conqueror10Defeat Icestalker, Warlord Tzogvin, the Vault Protector, Rizzuk Bonechill, and the Stonekeeper in Veteran Frostvault.


  • The Stonekeeper with its shield active

  • Flame Bellows Gauntlet

  • Rotary Blades Gauntlet

  • A frieze of the Stonekeeper

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The Winner’s Curse

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The Stonekeeper's Curse

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The Stonekeeper's Curse

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