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Through The Moon PDF Free Download

Book Detail: Fluid Mechanics

Language: English

Pages: 179

Author: Prashant S. Minz

Through the moon pdf free download pdf

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Course Outlines: Fluid Mechanics 3(2+1)

Module 1: Introduction to fluid mechanics
Lesson 1. Units and dimensions, Properties of fluids.

Module 2 : Static pressure of liquids
Lesson 2. Static pressure of liquids: Hydraulic pressure, absolute and gauge pressure
Lesson 3. Pressure head of a liquid, Pressure on vertical rectangular surfaces
Lesson 4. Compressible and non compressible fluids. Surface tension, capillarity.

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Module 3: Pressure measuring devices
Lesson 5. Simple manometer, piezometer, U tube manometer
Lesson 6. Micro manometers and Inclined manometer
Lesson 7. Differential manometers
Lesson 8. Mechanical gauges

Module 4: Floating bodies
Lesson 9. Archimedes principle, stability of floating bodies
Lesson 10. Equilibrium of floating bodies. Metacentric height

Module 5: Fluid flow
Lesson 11. Classification, steady uniform and non uniform flow, Laminar and turbulent
Lesson 12. Continuity equation
Lesson 13. Bernoulli’s theorem
Lesson 14. Application of Bernoulli’s theorem

Module 6: Flow through pipes
Lesson 15. Head loss in fluid flow – Major head loss
Lesson 16. Head loss in fluid flow : Minor head loss
Lesson 17. Problems on head loss
Lesson 18. Determination of pipe diameter, determination of discharge, friction factor, critical velocity.

Module 7: Flow through orifices, mouthpieces, notches and weirs
Lesson 19. Orifices, vena contracta, Hydraulic coefficients
Lesson 20. Discharge losses, Time for emptying a tank
Lesson 21. External and internal Mouthpiece
Lesson 22. Types of notches, rectangular and triangular notches, rectangular weirs
Lesson 23. Numericals on orifice, mouthpiece, notch and weir

Module 8: Measuring Instruments
Lesson 24. Venturimeter and pitot tube
Lesson 25. Rotameter, Water level point gauge, hook gauge

Module 9: Dimensional analysis
Lesson 26. Buckingham’s theorem application to fluid flow phenomena
Lesson 27. Froude Number, Reynolds number, Weber number
Lesson 28. Hydraulic similitude

Module 10 : Pumps
Lesson 29. Classification of pumps
Lesson 30. Reciprocating pumps
Lesson 31. Centrifugal pump, Pressure variation, work done, efficiency
Lesson 32. Numericals on pumps

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Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit
Author: Sarah Faith Gottesdiener
Publisher: St. Martin's Essentials
Release: 2020-12-15
File: 320 Pages
ISBN-13: 9781250222336

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