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.hack//G.U. (1)
.hack//Liminality (2)
.hack//SIGN (8)
Ah! My Goddess! - Aa! Megamisama! (5)
Air (1)
Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana 2 (1)
Ayashi no Ceres (3)
Azumanga Daioh (2)
Boys Be (2)
Breath of Fire VI (1)
Card Captor Sakura - Cardcaptors (10)
Castlevania (1)
Chibi Maruko-chan (1)
Chrono Cross (5)
Chrono Trigger (3)
City Hunter (1)
Clover (1)
Cowboy Bebop (3)
Crescendo (5)
Detective Conan (1)
Digimon (2)
Doraemon (1)
Elfen Lied (2)
Escaflowne (5)
Evangelion (9)
Final Fantasy I (7)
Final Fantasy II (1)
Final Fantasy III (1)
Final Fantasy IV (5)
Final Fantasy IX (6)
Final Fantasy V (2)
Final Fantasy VI (10)
Final Fantasy VII (11)
Final Fantasy VII: AC (1)
Final Fantasy VIII (7)
Final Fantasy X (1)
Final Fantasy X-2 (1)
Final Fantasy XI (1)
Fire Emblem (1)
Fruits Basket (1)
Full Metal Alchemist (4)
Full Metal Panic (3)
Full Moon wo Sagashite (1)
Fushigi Yuugi (8)
GateKeepers (1)
Gensui Series (2)
Gravitation (3)
Gundam Wing (4)
Hikaru no Go (1)
Initial D (2)
InuYasha (7)
Kareshi Kanojyo no Jiyo - Karekano (3)
Key the Metal Idol (1)
Kiki's Delivery Service (5)
Kimagure Orange Road (9)
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (10)
Kingdom Hearts (2)
Laputa - Castle in the Sky (7)
Le Portrait de Petit Cossette (4)
Love Hina (5)
Macross (1)
Magic Knight Rayearth (2)
Mai-Hime (2)
Maison Ikkoku (4)
Maria-sama ga Miteru (1)
Marmalade Boy (1)
Matantei Loki - Ragnarok (1)
Mimi wo sumaseba (3)
Monster Rancher (1)
Nadesico (1)
Naruto (3)
Nausicaa (5)
Noir (9)
Ojamajo Doremi (1)
Omoide Poro Poro - Only Yesterday (1)
On Your Mark (1)
Parasite Eve (1)
Please Save My Earth (4)
Pom Poko (1)
Porco Rosso (3)
Pretty Sasami (2)
Princess Mononoke (13)
Ranma 1/2 (3)
Record of Lodoss War (4)
Rurouni Kenshin (10)
Sailor Moon (19)
Saint Seiya (2)
Saishu Heiki Kanojo (1)
Saiyuki (1)
Sakura Taisen - Sakura Wars (2)
Scrapped Princess (1)
Secret of Mana (4)
Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi - Spirited Away (5)
Shaman King (1)
Slayers (3)
Super Smash Brothers (1)
Tales Weaver (2)
Tenchi Muyo! (6)
The Cat Returns (1)
To Heart (1)
Tonari no Totoro (2)
Trigun (1)
Tsubasa Chronicle (2)
Utena (2)
Wataru (1)
Weiss Kreuz (2)
Wild Arms (1)
Wolf's Rain (1)
X (2)
Xenogears (1)
Yami no Matsuei (1)
Yu-Gi-Oh! (1)
Zelda - Legend of Zelda (3)
Zelda - Link to the Past (1)
Zelda - Link's Awakening (3)
Zelda - Majora's Mask (1)
Zelda - Ocarina of Time (2) - large anime sheet music website with all the above listed scores

Download and read free e-books at - the best online ebook storage. Each book is available in several versions:.rtf,.txt,.pdf,.epub,.PalmDOC,.FB2, playable on various media devices. Become a literary critic and write your own review to any book. Download of PDF files; Monthly newsletter with the latest tablatures; If you are already a subscriber to the Guitar Tab Archive, follow these steps to log into your account: Click on the link of your desired transcription. The PDF loads in a new browser window (rotate small displays to horizontal). A shadow has fallen over the heart lands of myth and reality. Breaking away from the call of destiny and fearing betrayal, Lila makes a desperate escape in search of her lost beloved. The intensity between two ancient enemies ignites. The history of the wolf pack is revealed as devotion and desire in the underworld reaches fever pitch. Only, what will Lila do with the truth when she finds it.

.hack (.hack//SIGN, .hack//EXTRA)

for Violin and Piano
Bridge 6 (Transcribed by Yoiko Hibiki)
Melody only
for Piano

Ah! My Goddess

Coro di dea (arr. Donald Szeto)
for Choir and Orchestra (excluding woodwinds and some brass)
Dea cantat (arr. Donald Szeto)
for Voice
New World - Ending theme of AMG OVA (arr. Donald Szeto)
for Orchestra
Piano Sonata - Illusions
for Piano
for Piano

Angel Sanctuary
for Piano
Tragedy of Rebirth (Transcribed by Kristina Ong aka Muralasa)
for Piano
Ayashi no Ceres

for Piano

Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040
for Piano
Cowboy Bebop

Goodnight Julia (Piano only)
for Piano (sax part excluded)
Piano Bar
for Piano
NEW! Piano Solo
for Piano
NEW! Poor Faye
for Piano
for Piano

Di Gi Charat

Party Night (ParaPara Version)
Melody only

True Light (Piano Solo) (Transcribed by Chris Yiu)
for Piano

A Cat's Feelings (Neko no Kimochi)
for Voice and Piano
Cradle Song
Melody only
Memory of Fanelia (Solo)
Melody only
Memory of Fanelia (Trio)
for Violin, Viola, and Cello
for Voice and Piano

Final Fantasy X

Tidus and Yuna's Theme (Sky Theme)
for Piano

Flame of Recca

Swordsman of Water
for Piano

Fruits Basket
Memory -at home-
for Piano (or definite pitch percussion - e.g. xylophone, marimba, etc.)
for Piano


Gravitation Theme
for Piano
Sleepless Beauty
for Piano
Super Drive
for Piano
Gundam Seed

Anna ni issho datta no ni (alpha version - to be rearranged slightly)
for Piano (with lyrics)
Gundam Wing

Just Communication (Solo)
Melody only
Sparkling Harmony
for Flute and Violin
White Reflection (Solo)
Melody Only
White Reflection
for Alto Saxophone and Piano

Haibane Renmei

Ailes Grises (Transcribed by Gigi Peralta)
for Piano
Song of Dream, Words of Bubble (Transcribed by Gigi Peralta)
for Piano


Pure Snow
for Piano


Every Heart
Lead/fake sheet
Sango's theme (Transcribed by Gigi Peralta)
for Piano
Toki o Koete - Kagome [.jpg 1 2] (Transcribed by Yoiko Hibiki)
Melody Only

Juuni Kokki (12 Kokuki / The 12 Kingdoms)

Juuni Genmu Kyoku
for Piano
for Piano
(Shin) Kimagure Orange Road

Omoi no Yukue (Omoi no Anata)
for Piano

Laputa: The Castle in the Sky

Sheeta's Decision (Transcribed by Gigi Peralta)
for Piano
Lunar: Silver Star Story

Sad Piano Theme
for Piano

Macross Plus

for Voice and Piano
MYUNG Theme (the 1.5min-long piano intro)
for Piano

Matantei Loki Ragnarok


NEW! Himeta Omoi
for Piano

Wind (Transcribed by tenshi no kage)
for Ensemble
Wind (Arr. tenshi no kage)
for Piano
Neon Genesis Evangelion

Fly Me to the Moon (Instrumental Version)
for Piano,
Or actual instrumentation: Piano (melody) and Acoustic Guitar (accompaniment)
Shinji (Arr. Tabaschritar)
for Piano
Thanatos (Instrumental Version)
for 2 Violins, Cello, and Piano


Canta per Me
for Piano (with lyrics)
for Piano
Zero Hour
for Piano

Now and Then, Here and There

Here and There
for Piano
Onegai Teacher (Onetai)

Back Image Music
for Piano
Tsutaetai Koto Ga Arun Da
for Piano

Please Save My Earth

Toki no Kioku
for Voice and Piano

Rurouni Kenshin

for Piano
Her Most Beautiful Smile
for Piano
Minagoroshi no Elegy
for Piano
Starless (download mp3 or midi)
for Piano

Saishuuheiki Kanojo (Saikano)

for Piano

for Piano
For Real (Transcribed by Ray)
for Piano
Hakkai no Theme (Transcribed by Kristina Ong aka Muralasa)
for Piano
Tightrope (Transcribed by Ray)
for Piano

Seiken Densetsu 2 (Secret of Mana)

Angel's Fear
Melody only

Silent Hill 2

There Was A Hole Here (OC ReMix)
for Piano
Tenchi Series (Tenchi Muyo, Tenchi in Love, Tenchi in Tokyo, etc.)

Ayeka Bojo
for Piano
Sakuya's theme (Duet)
for 2 Violins

Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar (Chicchana Yukitsukai Sugar)
The Bear's Melody (Transcribed by Gigi Peralta)
for Piano
Ginger's theme (Transcribed by Gigi Peralta)
for Violin
Memory of Mother
for Piano
Saga's Exercise (Transcribed by Gigi Peralta)
for Piano
Saga's Melody (Transcribed by Gigi Peralta)
for Piano
Saga's Village (Transcribed by Gigi Peralta)
for Piano
Sugar Baby Love
for Piano (with lyrics)
Turmeric's Theme (Transcribed by Gigi Peralta)
for Cello


NEW! Stories to Tell
Melody only
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

A Bit(e) of Hope
for Piano
Witch Hunter Robin

Allay Pain
for Piano
Open Your Eyes
for Guitar/Solo Instrument and Piano
Wolf's Rain

Melody only
Lead/fake sheet

for Piano - Smaller collection of the anime sheet music titles listed above.

Ah! My Goddess!

City Hunter

Nina: midi spartito/sheet music (piano)

Card Captor Sakura

Yasashisa no Tane: midi spartito/sheet music (piano)

Chicchana Yukitsukai Sugar

Memory of Mother: midi spartito/sheet music (piano)

Kimagure Orange Road

Kyosuke #1 midi spartito/sheet music (Piano)

Kiki's Delivery Service

Umi no mieru machi midi spartito/sheet music (Piano)

Heartbroken Kiki midi spartito/sheet music (Piano)

Maison Ikkoku

Kanashimi yo Konnichiwa midi spartito/sheet music (Flute)

Rurouni Kenshin

Her Most Beautiful Smile: midi spartito/sheet music (Piano)
Untill We Meet Again: midi spartito/sheet music (Piano)
Farewell: midi spartito/sheet music (Piano)
Starless: midi spartito/shee tmusic (Piano)
Sailor Moon

Sailor Senshi: midi spartito/sheet music (Piano)

Spirited Away

Ever With Me: midi spartito/sheet music (Piano)

Saint Seya

Mime's Arp: midi spartito/sheet music (Piano) - anime sheet music site with specialized anime sheets that you can't find anywhere else

Castlevania 2
Bloody Tears (Not Arranged) NWC file
Bloody Tears (Piano) NWC file

Fortress at Goa Theme (Not Arranged) NWC file
Crystalis Opening Sequence (Not Arranged) NWC file
Crystalis Overworld Theme (Piano) NWC file

Dragon Quest V on Piano
Marriage Waltz (This was transcribed from the Dragon Quest V on Piano CD) NWC file

Dr. Mario
Fever Theme (Not arranged) NWC file
Fever Theme (Piano) NWC file

Opening Theme (Not arranged) NWC file

Heroes of Might and Magic II
Grassland Theme NWC file

Legend of Zelda
Dungeon Theme (Piano) NWC file
Main Theme (Not arranged) NWC file

Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
Farewell Hyrule King (Piano) NWC file

Wolf Fever Pdf Free Download Windows 10

Megaman 2
Introduction (Not arranged) NWC file
Introduction (Piano - not really arranged, I just crammed three lines onto two) NWC file

Megaman 3
Introduction (Not arranged) NWC file
Dr. Wiley Boss (Not arranged) NWC file
Dr. Wiley Boss (Piano) NWC file

Brinstar Theme (Not arranged) NWC file
End Theme (Not arranged) NWC file

Super Mario Bros.
Castle Theme NWC file
Overworld Theme (Piano) NWC file
Star Theme (Piano) NWC file
Underwater Theme (Piano) NWC file
Underworld Theme (Piano) NWC file

Super Mario Bros. 2
Overworld Theme (Piano) NWC file
End Theme (Piano) NWC file

Super Mario Bros. 3
Overworld Theme 2 (Piano) NWC file

Super Mario World
Athletic Theme (Piano) NWC file
Athletic Theme (Piano and Violin Duet) NWC file
Overworld Theme NWC file
Overworld Theme (Piano and Violin Duet) NWC file

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Athletic Theme (Not arranged) NWC file
Flower Garden (Not arranged) NWC file

Wolf Fever Pdf free. download full - Site with lots of good anime sheet music in pdf and NWC format, with the listed anime sheets above.

Series: Di Gi Charat
Title: Party Night
Instrument: Viola
.mus .pdf

Series: Elfen Lied
Title: Lilium
Instrument: Violin
.mus .pdf

Series: Get Backers
Title: One to One
Instrument: Piano
.mus .pdf

Series: Great Teacher Onizuka
Title: Poison (Sad Piano Solo)
Instrument: Piano
.mus .pdf

Series: Hana Yori Dango
Title: Blue Mind
Instrument: Piano
.mus .pdf

Series: Hana Yori Dango
Title: Broken Heart
Instrument: Piano
.mus .pdf

Series: Hellsing
Title: The Orignal sin~ Because he could not protect the virgin
Instrument: Piano
.mus .pdf

Series: Maburaho
Title: I Don't Wanna Lose You
Instrument: Piano
.mus .pdf

Series: Mai-Otome
Title: Motherly Lullaby
Instrument: Vibraphone
.mus .pdf

Series: Saiyuki
Title: Asobi Yatsura
Instrument: Piano
.mus .pdf

Series: Saiyuki
Title: Omoi Midorate
Instrument: Piano
.mus .pdf

Series: Saiyuki
Title: Sanzo Kaisou
Instrument: Piano
.mus .pdf

Series: Saiyuki
Title: Tomatta Sekai
Instrument: Piano, String Bass
Piano: .mus .pdf
String Bass: .mus .pdf

Series: Suzuka
Title: Main Theme
Instrument: Piano
.mus .pdf

Series: Trigun
Title: Gunpowder Tea
Instrument: Piano
.mus .pdf

Series: Trigun
Title: Sound Life (Rem's Song)
Instrument: Flute
.mus .pdf

Series: Witch Hunter Robin
Title: Open Your Eyes
Instrument: Piano
.mus .pdf

Series: Yami no Matsuei
Title: Zetsubou no Shinen
Instrument: Piano, Violin, Cello
Score: .mus
Piano: .mus .pdf
Violin: .mus .pdf
Cello: .mus .pdf

Pdf Free Download For Windows 7

Wolf fever pdf free download adobe readerSymphony Sheet Music - Great free anime and sheet music website with transcriptions that are hard to find elsewhere! Contains pdfs and .mus sheet music titles.

Wolf Fever Pdf Free Download Adobe Reader

Pdf Free Download Windows 10

Will the huntress or her heart prevail? Temperatures rise as the inferno of desire still burns in the thrilling sequel to Tina Smith’s debut masterpiece of romance fantasy, Wolf Sirens Forbidden. But all is not as it seems in the shadowlands of myth and reality, where vengeance is sought. God Apollo set the flame, wielding a force to undo the virgin deity’s legacy. Increasingly, each successive huntress becomes more alluring to their rivals. The wolves struggle to both contain and resist their enemy, eternally cursed to an attraction powerful enough to tear the underworld apart. Marred and heartbroken Lila awakens in the scorching embers of grief, reborn. Every trace of Sky’s existence has been removed, all but one keepsake. Now she waits for the fearless divinity to take away her memories too. Never can she relinquish her forbidden, buried desire. Forsaken by the goddess of the hunt, her love remains and her fury for those who took him simmers. Led to believe she must remain in Shade for her own good Lila must flirt with what Cresida wants her to be, a trained killer. Haunted by his loss she holds a flame imprisoned in her soul, despite the steely exterior of the huntress threatening to extinguish it. Training tirelessly as the stoic guardian of Shade, inside, her beating heart calls his name.
She longs to leave in search of her beloved, no matter how much she belongs inside the confines of the valley, but is it love or revenge which motivates her? Biding her time she betrays her closest friends in a frantic escape from Shade, as the huntress becomes the hunted.
Good fortune is on her side, when a strange woman named Tisane - who assumes she is an escapee from the local Cult - unwittingly rescues her.
Informed by the scorned wolf, Sam, the calculating pack of wolves, known as the Cult, await the stray assassin’s eminent capture. Lila knows she cannot evade them forever and she isn’t going down without a fight.
The Cult pack are growing more cunning under their leader, Tisane’s sister, the new Alpha Queen of the wolves. If they find Lila they will cage her, a fate worse than death, but not if she destroys them first.
Has her predecessor Cresida deceived Lila, giving in to her half-breed blood? Or can she trust her friends to help her seek revenge? The sizzling intensity between two ancient adversaries ignites, dividing brothers, sisters and lovers.
The past is revealed: a secret love affair and the torrid acrimonious history of the pack. Ulterior motives are exposed as bad blood threatens to be spilled in a world where many are born and few are reborn.
Will Lila uncover the heart wrenching truth, before the wolves close in and what will she do when she finds it?